USA\COR, like each of the National Associations, retains its own independence for all purposes and works as a network of colleagues in its own country. Founded in 1976, THE UNITED STATES ASSOCIATION OF THE CLUB OF ROME has members in business, labor, science, education, media, research, writing, religion, government, and in civic-action and public interest organizations. Individuals are nominated and elected to membership in USA\COR.

For some of us, the focus or our work is national. For others, the focus is regional or local. Our basic tenet is to think globally and act locally. Our members are found throughout the United States. Some are members of the International Club. We are a nationwide network of colleagues who share a common concern for a sustainable future. We work together and separately on behalf of that concern.

We seek to make government, civic leaders, and the general public aware of our concerns and objectives by circulating a newsletter, by conferences, and by promoting books written by our members. 


Francesco Stipo:    President Emeritus

Anitra Thorhaug:  President Emerita  

John McDonald:    President Emeritus  

Cecil Van Hudson: President Emeritus 



Co-Presidents: Anitra Thorhaug and Ryan Jackson               

Secretary: Marilyn Mosley Gordanier

Treasurer: Marilyn Mosley Gordanier               

Membership Committee Chairman: Cecil Van Hudson                                     




Cecil Van Hudson

President Transnational Valtec, Del Mar, CA

Roberta Gibb Welsh 

Attorney at Law, Boston, MA

Marilyn Mosley Gordanier 

President Global 500 Forum, Los Angeles, CA

Francesco Stipo

International Lawyer and Author, Miami, FL  

Anitra Thorhaug

Research Professor, Yale University


Ryan Jackson

Dean of Academics, Caribbean Medical University, Curacao


List of USACOR Presidents 1976-2016:

Roberta Gibb Welch and Floyd Robinson

Dr. Francesco Stipo

Prof. Anitra Thorhaug

Ambassador John McDonald

Dr. Cecil Van Hudson

Lucia Bravo

Consul William B. Davis

Prof. Anitra Thorhaug

Ambassador J. Fobes

John J. Harris IV

Prof. Donald Michaels



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Contact: Francesco Stipo, President Emeritus
E-Mail: mailto:fstipo@hotmail.com

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