Selected Biographies of Present and Past
Members of the Board of Directors of
The United States Association of the Club of Rome


Noel Brown, Ph.D.
Cecil Ivan Hudson, Jr., Ph.D.
Marilyn Mosley Gordanier
Dana Raphael, Ph.D.
Francesco Stipo, Ph.D.
Anitra Thorhaug Ph.D.


Dr. Noel Brown

Dr. Noel Brown is the former Director of the United Nations Environment Programme, North American Office. After receiving a Ph.D from Yale University, he became an organizer of the Stockholm Conference for the Environment in 1972. Dr. Brown is the President of the Friends of the United Nations, a fellow of the World Academy of Arts and Sciences, a founding member of the Aspen Global Change Institute and Chairman of the International Institute for Peace through Tourism. He also serves in the Board of Directors of the Climate Institute. Dr. Brown teaches environmental policy at the Elizabeth Mann Borghese Dalhousie Marine Institute in Canada.


Cecil Ivan Hudson, Jr., Ph.D.

Now retired, Dr. Hudson is a Physicist who is an internationally recognized expert in technology and in futures planning. In 1998, he founded Business Information Solutions, LLC to provide business intelligence services to companies using SAP R/3 enterprise resource planning software. BIS grew to $20 million in sales, and was sold in June 2005 to Sapient Corporation.
Prior to founding BIS, he conducted management consulting on the information technology aspects of restructuring in the electric utility industry, defined elements of a futures research project for the Center for Global Security Research at LLNL, reviewed the Sandia 2020 Futures Project, and assisted in the development of a technology "toolbox" for use by the US Strategic Command Science Advisory Group in a future-based wargame.
His Management positions include Corporate Vice President, SAIC, Group Vice President, JAYCOR, (responsible for Divisions dealing with Health and Environment, Advanced Concepts, Weapon Systems, and Military and Management Analysis), Vice President, the Titan Corporation and Director of Technology Programs for Expersoft, a startup software company. His career began at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.
He has managed numerous projects related to international security policy, high technology weapon systems, operations research and systems analysis. He has published chapters in four books on advanced technology weapon systems and international security policy, and has written papers ranging from the effects of radioactivity on sewage digestion to future energy needs and resources for the US to the relationship between nuclear and conventional weapons. He has directed both theoretical and hardware programs, including conducting 23 full scale nuclear tests.
Dr. Hudson computer experience ranges from the dawn of the computer era, to the largest mainframes, to the development of a PC-based hypermedia intelligent tutoring system, (including a course in triage for USAF Battlefield Nurses), and the development of an Assumption Based Truth Maintenance System for Automatic Target Recognition Algorithm Development, for the Army Night Vision Lab.
From the mid 60s to mid 70s, Dr. Hudson was Chairman of the Futures Planning Council of the Episcopal Diocese of California, and from the mid 70s to early 90s was Chairman of the Technology Working Group for the California Seminar on International Security and Foreign Policy. He is a member of the International Institute for Strategic Studies, and is a past President of the US Association for the Club of Rome. He has also been a serious student of Tibetan Buddhism for 27 years.
Dr. Hudson holds a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Virginia (1962), and a BS in Physics (With Highest Honor) from Georgia Tech (1958).


Marilyn Mosley Gordanier

Marilyn Mosley Gordanier speaker, author and founder of Laurel Springs School, has more than thirty-five years' experience in the field of online learning. Since its founding in 1991, Laurel Springs Distance Learning Program has become the premier provider of personalized education for over 85,000 students in grades K through 12. Under her directorship Laurel Springs High School received the United Nations Global 500 Award and the President's Youth Environmental Award. Ms. Gordanier was nominted for a Nobel Earth Prize and received the outstanding leadership by an individual in the field of distance learning from the United States Distance Learning Association. Ms. Mosley Gordanier is a member of the Clinton Global Initiative Education Team and member of the board of the Ted Turner/Captain Planet Foundations, SEEAG, and USACOR. Ms. Mosley Gordanier designed the first online environmental curriculum Kids4earth and Leaders4earth for which Laurel Springs was awarded the Outstanding Service to Environmental Education from the North America Association of Environmental Education. Ms. Mosley Gordanier is a keynote speaker at numerous national and international educational and U.N. related environmental conferences. She currently serves as the president of the United Nations Global 500 Environmental Forum. Marilyn co-authored the books: "Towards Corporate Environmental Excellence" and "A Parent's Guide to Distance Learning". Ms. Mosley Gordanier has been devoted to children and families with the idea that within each individual is an endless source of inspiration, caring and learning. In founding Laurel Springs School she has created the curriculum and mission for families to succeed at distance learning. She believes that children life's experiences are part of their education and considers life and learning to be one and the same.


Dana Raphael, Ph.D.

Dr. Dana Raphael is a medical anthropologist, writer and lecturer. Her interest in breastfeeding inspired her to found The Human Lactation Center in 1975 with Margaret Mead, an institute devoted to researching patterns of lactation worldwide. The Center is now a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that has consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. She is also the Executive Director of the Eleventh Commandment Foundation, a NGO that researches the long-term effects of childhood sexual abuse on women experience of pregnancy, labor, childbirth and lactation.
She is credited with initiating the role of the modern doula, a supportive person who pairs up with women during their labor and delivery and helps the new mother to assure her success with breastfeeding.
Dr. Raphael has served as an adjunct professor at Yale University, School of Medicine, and as an invited lecturer in the United States, China, India and Japan. She has received two Fulbright awards, chaired or participated in more than fifty conferences and symposiums, written or edited five books and over 50 articles.


Dr. Francesco Stipo

Francesco Stipo is a lawyer, author and expert in international affairs. Born in Italy in 1973, he is a naturalized United States citizen.
He holds a Ph.D. in International Law and a Master Degree in Comparative Law from the University of Miami.
He has been practicing international law since 1999 and worked as a foreign law advisor and of counsel for European and American law firms.
He is the author of the books "World Federalist Manifesto. Guide to Political Globalization" (www.worldfederalistmanifesto.com)
and "United Nations Reorganization. The Unification of the U.N. System", in which he proposes to improve the coordination of the United Nations System under the direction of the Secretary General to increase the efficiency of international institutions.
He is also the author of "The Balanced Contribution Theory" in which he suggests that the voting system in the General Assembly shall reflect the political and economic balances of world nations.
In March 2008 he gave a speech at the United Nations on U.N. Reform.
Dr. Stipo is a member of the Bretton Woods Committee, an active member of the National Press Club and the Atlantic Council of the United States in Washington D.C., and a Fellow of the World Academy of Art and Science. He was also a member of the international Club of Rome from 2011 to 2014. From 2008 to 2012 he served on the Board of Directors of the India-US Chamber of Commerce of Florida.
He is co-author of the 2011 USA Club of Rome Report "The Future of the Western Hemisphere" and organized the conference that took place in Miami in January 2009.
Dr. Stipo has been Director of the United States Association since July 2008, he was Vice President between March 2010 and July 2011 and President from July 2011 to July 2014. At the time of his election he became the youngest President of USACOR at age 38. As President he commissioned 3 USACOR Reports: "The Future of the Arctic, a Key to Global Sustainability" published on CADMUS Journal, "The Future of the Pacific and its Relevance for Geo-economic Interests", published on the Journal Eruditio, and "The Future of the Atlantic and the Role of Africa in International Development" which was released in June 2014. Between 2011 and 2014 he was the Chairman of the Legal and Political Committee of USACOR. He co-sponsored a conference at the Smithsonian Institution in March 2012 and was the Rapporteur in the Club of Rome conference on the "Governance of the Commons" that took place in Canada in 2013. At the completion of his 3 year term he received the honorary title of President Emeritus.    ____________________________________________

Anitra Thorhaug Ph.D

Anitra Thorhaug Ph. D. in Biological Oceanography and Chemical Oceanography.
Professor Thorhaug is presently a Research worker at Yale University.  Dr. Thorhaug has recently been the candidate for Under Secretary General of the United Nations for Environment.
She has been consultative to the following United Nations Agencies: FAO, UNEP, UNDP, World Bank, and UNESCO.
She has worked on all five continents and done projects in over 100 nations.
The academic work of Professor Thorhaug includes being faculty at a series of leading US Universities such as UC Berkeley, Yale, Florida International University, University of Miami Medical School and Marine Sciences, Wood's Hole, and foreign institutions such as Weizmann Institute & Philippine's Women's University.
Her major contributions to research have been the first to do large scale seagrass restoration and restoration in the tropical Pacific and tropical Atlantic, Setting standards for outflow in tropical and subtropical thermal effluents and for oil pollution, physiology of marine plants, especially seagrasses and giant algal cells (biophysical work with A. Katchalsky).
She has authored over 200 scientific papers and abstracts, and 10 books and many grants and contracts.
She has been consultative to government, which includes local to international level and industry on solutions to environmental in thermal, petroleum, siltation from bridges, roads and dams, salinity changes, and other infrastructure and mining. Her work has been recognized on several continents and by several UN programs.
She is the recipient of a gold medal from UNEP and member of the prestigious UNEP Global 500. She has contributed to environmental action by organizing decision-making conferences on energy and the environment, bay restoration, and tropical bay planning, and thermal pollution.
Her not-for-profit activities include The UN Earth Society (board member), The Botanical Society of America (board member, editorial member of American Journal of Botany and chair of Physiological Section 9 years), USA Club of Rome (board for 15 years, chair for 5 years), and Greater Caribbean Energy and Environment Foundation. Her present interests are monitoring sea grass health, global restoration global coastal pollution and climate change.


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