The United States Association of the Club of Rome (USA\COR) is one of the National Associations of the Club of Rome and supports the vision and approach of the international Club of Rome, a futurist, nonpartisan organization which has been working to catalyze new policy initiatives and generate concern for future generations since its founding in 1968 by the late Aurelio Peccei.

The Club of Rome seeks to promote understanding of the interdependent global system in which we all live. It also seeks to bring that understanding to the attention of policy makers and the public at large.

It is the view of The Club of Rome that the major problems facing us are of such complexity and so intertwined, that traditional institutions and policies are no longer able to cope with them. Furthermore, the gravity and urgency of these problems is not fully understood. Peccei coined the term "Global Problematique" to describe these complex intertwined issues and problems.

Our Mission:

Our Mission is to encourage both thinking and action toward a sustainable earth. In so doing, we recognize that all phenomena and problems are interrelated. Based upon research, investigation, experience, and innovation from within our group as well as from around the world, we will present findings to leaders, governments, civil society, and the general public in hopes of creating paradigm shifts that will promote altering actions and policies toward the planet as well as sustainability of life on earth. In our individual work, lives and writings, we enact these insights into a better future for the human race.

What we believe

We believe in the power of ideas.

We believe that the communication of ideas related to global issues should precede setting policy, and that policy should precede action.

We believe that major global problems are interdependent.

We believe humanity can change to achieve sustainable natural and social systems.

We believe the well-being of present and future generations depends on the vision of concerned citizens and on their understanding of the underlying causes of ecological and societal problems.

We believe in being a catalyst for research and action on prospects for our future survival.

We encourage the publications by our members concerned with the Global Problematique.

We believe trend is not destiny; that humankind can devise new values and institutions that will support life with sufficiency, equity, and dignity for our children.

We Believe in the Future.

Our interests are:

  • Globalization and global governance 
  • Protection of the environment and economic sustainability
  • Peace building and conflict resolution
  • The second UN decade of potable water
  • Gender equality and protection of women and children from abuse
  • Prevention of terrorism and illegal substances within the American Hemisphere
  • The future of the American Hemisphere


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Contact: Francesco Stipo, President Emeritus 
E-Mail: fstipo@hotmail.com

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